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It's Ours!!!



We move in Saturday January 11, 2003!


This is our house. Note the sold sign. That means sold to us. That is why it is our house.
We will wait until they finish it before we move in.
Don't worry about the neighborhood. That is not graffiti on our door.
As of 12/17, we now have grass in the front yard and a couple more shrubs.


This is our house from the big road.  Our house is actually on a cul-de-sac
Between us and the road will be a sport court and a tot lot.


Here's our cul-de-sac.  We are the first house on the right.
That is not a political statement.


This is the big tree in our back yard.
We own a tree.


This is what our big tree sees.
The big picture window is in the dining area and the deck is off the living room.
The "door" on the bottom left may, one day, be Mark's office
(when we have money to renovate the 7 foot ! crawl space).


This is the floor plan of our house.  In real life it is much bigger.
We drew it small so it would fit on the screen.


This is the floor plan of Greater Seattle.  In real life it is much, much bigger.
We currently live near the purple arrow.  Nancy works near the green arrow.
We will live in the red box.
Well, actually, we will live in our new house.  It will be in the red box (see below).


This is the floor plan of our neighborhood.  In real life you won't see the big blue arrow.


Entry & Stairs Living & Dining Kitchen Master Bedroom 2 & 3 Bedroom


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