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April 20, 1986 - May 3, 2000

Tristan Friday died on Wednesday May 3rd after suffering for the previous weeks from the complications of abdominal Lymphoma. Diagnosed in December of 1999, Tristan waged a heroic battle against this, her third major illness. Having recovered from heart disease diagnosed in 1994 and suffering from a hyperthyroid condition since 1996, Tristan's life and courage gave new meaning to "nine lives". The month of April had been hard on her, and she had been feeling poorly for the last few weeks. But, she seemed to be waiting to see Ruth Noble (Nancy's Mom) who was visiting during the last weekend of April (Tristan visibly perked up during Ruth's visit, asking for food, and even playing Friday night) and for a sunny day. Tristan went peacefully, in no visible pain, and, thanks to the weather and her wonderful vet, on a sunny day in the backyard with Nancy, Mark, and Shane around her.

Although parts of her life were very difficult, she also had many good times. Even as recently as last March, she was seen dipping her paw into a basket of cat toys to find just the one she wanted. As the benevolent dictator of the Miller/Friday household, Tristan's aloof disposition belied her true warmth and inner kitty. She had the power to soothe the most raw temperament and the skill of knowing exactly when someone needed hug therapy. Born in Ruth's closet, Tristan spent essentially her whole life with Nancy. The two women weathered many a storm together and shared many joys. A buttress for Nancy through thick and thin, Tristan was slow to accept Mark and, particularly, Shane. Eventually, she made her peace by teasing Mark with a nightly ritual of pinning his legs as he slept and accepted Shane as her guardian against the evils of the night. As a head of the household, Tristan held court primarily at mealtime from the back of the couch. And, in the event of a squabble between her parents, she would march back and forth between them howling in admonishment until one or the other stopped yelling and picked her up. Tristan T. Cat, Miss Tris, Trissy, all of these were appellations for our first born daughter. We love her and will miss her.

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