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Photo by Melissa Swanson

We’re getting married! 'Cause we love each other. Nancy asked me to marry her when we were watching a movie. It was called Payback. It had Mel Gibson. It wasn’t the movie that made her ask, it wasn't the pinnacle of our romantic bent, it wasn't even a movie that she particularly enjoyed. She had been planning all day to ask but it was one of those evenings when nothing goes right. Finally, when the movie was over, they played "You’re No One ‘till Somebody Loves You" and even thought she didn’t feel that way and doesn’t believe it... The moment seemed right. Actually, we had been talking about whether it would be good to get married for some months. A lot of our friends and family were doing it, and we of course were saying, well if it were us we’d do this or that…

We always knew we’d get married at Simon’s Rock. If, and when, and how, didn’t start coming up until we saw what other people were doing. So, anyway there we were talking about moving away from everyone (except my brother Michael) to Seattle because the only work that looked good for Nancy was going to be at the National Marine Mammal Laboratory. And we were talking about the wedding we would have if we were going to have a wedding. And then it became clear that if we were going to get married at Simon’s Rock, and we were moving to Seattle then it would make sense to do one before the other.

Many things in the last two years solidified our commitment. I left my career, because I was burnt out, but also because it kept me from being a partner to Nancy. And I decided that my job should enable that not prevent it. Then as most of you know I was hit by a car. While traumatic, I did not have a spiritual enlightenment at the hands of the Buick. I did however have a good deal of time to ponder just how remarkable Nancy is, and how special, and that I couldn’t think of another person I’d rather be stranded on the Olympic Peninsula with. Then there was The Move. When you prepare to pull up a lifetime of roots and trek the width of a continent for the betterment of another person, I think it’s time to admit you think they’re nice.

Since then, we have been through moving to Seattle, moving to Mississippi (or maybe not), not moving, and, possibly, back to moving to Seattle. But what we are sure of is that we are looking forward to the 11th of June in the year 2000 when we will stand in front of all the friends and loved ones (which we can afford to feed) and tell them how much we love each other. And that we are going to be together forever. And that our equal partnership will withstand all the hardships and relish all the happiness our lives have in store for us. And that nothing means more to either of us than each other.


General Information

bulletWhere: Under the Willow Tree by the Carriage House at Simon's Rock College (rain option is the dance studio in the Liebowitz Arts and Humanities Building)
bulletDate: June 11, 2000
bulletTime: 1:00 in the afternoon
bulletReception: Following service at The Ice House, home of family friends Annette & Mike Miller, in Lenox (hopefully outside - rain option is either under a tent or in the barn)
bulletOfficiant: Rabbi Al Axelrad will conduct an interfaith ceremony
bulletAttendants (siblings): Jeannie Friday, Michael Miller, and Danny Friday
bulletTheme: Be Yourself
bulletDress: Casual, Informal, Comfortable (we mean it - unless it contradicts the theme of being yourself)
bulletChildren will be invited 
bulletPhotographer: The lovely and talented Melissa Swanson
bulletBand: Einstein's Little Homunculus; known for their Celtic tunes and funny songs
bulletWedding Dress: A beautiful, oyster white, linen dress (see picture) chosen by Nancy's Mom (Ruth Noble)...
bulletMark's Vest: Social Justice Center, Albany, NY
bulletCaterer: Sabrina T. Csepes, Awesome Edibles, Pittsfield, MA
bulletFlorist: Maureen Ward Barnaba, Wildflowers, Great Barrington, MA
bulletRentals: Mahaiwe Tent, Great Barrington, MA
bulletWedding Bands: Anto Aboyan and Veronica A. Sagherian, Adamas, Newton, MA
bulletRegistry: Gifts are not required. But for those inclined, see the Registry web page
bulletHotel: Super 8 Motel; see Hotel web page for details on this and other places to stay in the area
bulletDirections: See Directions web page for details
bulletBerkshire Information:
bulletBerkshire Visitors Bureau
bulletThe Berkshire Web
bulletSee the Berkshires
bulletSouthern Berkshire Chamber Of Commerce
bulletFAQ Answers:
bulletOn June 12th, 2000 Nancy's name will still be Nancy Ann Friday (both professionally and socially).
bulletOn June 12th, 2000 Mark's name will still be Mark Adam Miller (both professionally and socially).
bulletNo, we haven't decided about children yet (beyond our four-legged clan).
bulletIf we do have children, they will be raised Jewish, although Nancy currently has no plans to convert.
bulletIf we do have children, then we will decide on surnames (i.e., Friday is not out of the question).

Photo by Melissa Swanson

"It's so much more friendly with two"

                -A. A. Milne

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