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Miriam Alice Miller-Friday

Miriam on January, 28 2006

Miriam (7lb 6oz, 20.5in) was born at home at 11:22am on August 24th surrounded by friends, family and midwives - all of whom were instrumental in the successful, safe birth.  We can't thank them enough.


Pictures of Miriam can be found at: Miriam Pix (note: this link will change as we add more albums).  There are multiple albums so be sure to click the "browse all albums" link.  If you would like high resolution digital images of any of the photos, just let us know, and we will send them to you.


Movies of Miriam can be found here.


Ultrasounds of Miriam can be seen at Ultrasounds.
Pictures of how big Nancy got can be seen at
Belly Pix.
Various pictures of Nancy and Mark during Nancy's pregnancy can be seen at
Fun Pix.
Note: these pages may be slow to load because all images may be downloaded in high quality.


For anyone interested, I had to write the story of Miriam's birth for my prenatal yoga class.  It can be found here.

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