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As Tristan and Shane are no longer with us, and we've added Carley and Fluff, the text on this page needs updating.


Tristan, she’s the boss, a short haired calico, is 13 and a half years young. Born to MommyCat in Nancy’s Mom’s (Ruth Noble's) closet on April 20, 1986, Tristan has had homes throughout the Northeast. Philly, Saunderstown, RI and the teeming metropolis of South Egremont, MA have all been blessed by this magnificent and gentle beast. Always a pillar of strength and charisma Trissy, as she is known to her friends, has weathered Nancy, and in later life Mark as well, through many of life’s tests. Through the marvels of modern medicine Tristan herself has survived no fewer than three afflictions which would have killed heads of state 30 years ago.

Shane, he’s the boy, a black lab-border collie mix who is the sweetest old man in town and has always been the font of unconditional love that man’s best friend should be. Also chugging along at a mere 13 years since birth, he complains about the weather and gets creaky with arthritis but seems to have gotten his Diabetes under control in the last few weeks.

Our newest addition – with us just 1 year this month, is the lovely and beautiful two year old Emerald (aka Emma). Officially a tricolor Tabby she is the picture of a pointillism kitty. She adopted me from the local shelter by leaping into my lap and purring like a Ferrarri. Currently residing in part time seclusion, she avoids her swarms of admirers by feigning aggression towards Tristan. An avid gymnast Emma had to practice the art of getting loves but proved a quick study. Now if she could just learn the difference between her sister and a mouse…

Previously, Nancy, Tristan, Shane, and I shared our home with the darling and charming Turtle. As the Vanilla Carmel Fudge kitty, she made a name for herself by being the most openly affectionate person in the household sharing many, many a long lonely night with Nancy waiting for me to come home from the theatre. I still believe Nancy would have left me during those years if Turtle hadn’t talked her out of it. She also faithfully shared our bed until Nancy woke up every morning, earning her the title of our sunrise that purred (which might be remembered by Rose is Rose fans).

ROSE IS ROSE by Pat Brady - April 21, 1997

Shane and Tristan - September, 1994

Tristan and Turtle - Winter, 1995

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